What does Dutch health insurance cost?

Reckon on around €100 a month for the basic package – and the fact that you will have to pay the first €385 of your treatment (not visits to the doctors).

You can slash this by around €20 a month by agreeing that you will pay the first €885 of your treatment. If you are generally healthy, this is well worth doing – well, you can do the sums. If you don’t make any claims, you’ve saved about €360 a year.

The lowest health insurance premium (for 2017) we’ve come across is around €62.25 a month. This is so cheap because you are only allowed to go to doctors, hospitals and other health care pros that the health insurance company dictates. In case you are wondering, it is from Anderszorg – which is part of the giant Menzis group. This sort of policy is known as a natura policy.

If you have a natura policy and you insist on going to the doctor of your choice, you will have to pay part of the bill yourself.

If you want free choice, you need to make sure you take out a restitutie policy. These are more expensive.


 Note: If you are an employee, your boss is also paying towards your basic healthcare. If you are self-employed you will have to pay this yourself because you count as your own employer. This will cost you up to 7.5% of the first € 51,414 of your income as a freelancer or one-man company. The exact percentage depends on whether you are officially self-employed, an employer or on a freelance contract.

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