Claiming healthcare allowance (zorgtoeslag)

If you have a low income, are single, and earn less than € 27.500 a year you will probably be able to claim healthcare benefits (zorgtoeslag) – about €6 a month if you are at the top of the scale but rising to €88 a month if you earn less than €19,000. Couples qualify for more.

In other words, if you are very crafty, you can get more in benefits than your insurance costs you.

If you think you might qualify, you can calculate out how much you will get on the Dutch Belastingdienst website. However, the calulcator isn’t there on their English website, but you might find some other useful information there.

Be aware that if your earnings turn out to be more than you thought, you will be required to pay back the money you should not have had.

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